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    Initial Contact

    This will introduce you to the lender either directly or through their website.
    Country Living takes great pride in a human touch right from the start. We generally find it beneficial to discuss over the phone and have a conversation to answer any questions you may have. A phone call is also a great way to get to know your Mortgage Specialist and provide a clear explanation of your loan request.
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    Typically, this is done prior to having a specific property and a good way to gauge “what you can afford”.
    Country Living has a streamlined process for a prequalification and can get you one usually within 24 hours. Don't lose out on an opportunity to see a home waiting on a lender to get back to you.
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    Once you are ready to move forward with the process, a complete application is taken.

    The application is the true starting point to any loan, and Country Living is no different. What is different is how easy it is to apply and having a local contact to ask questions - should there be any.

    If applicable, you will receive initial loan disclosures and information shortly after completing the application. These include estimates for your loan amount, rate and closing costs.

    View the loan application check list.

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    Conditional Approval

    We will review your application and, if approved, will issue a conditional commitment stating what needs to be completed to receive final approval.
    We will review your file and provide a personalized list of conditions needed to bring your file to closing. The mortgage specialist whom you have worked with thus far will be handing off the file to their mortgage assistant who will help collect conditions and documentation to bring the file to closing.
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    An appraisal is needed as part of the mortgage process.
    Country Living will order your appraisal once we receive the appraisal payment from you. The appraiser will reach out to the property contact and you will receive a copy upon completion.
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    Certain financial documents are required to support what was stated on the loan application.
    Country Living understands how cumbersome the process of document retrieval can be. We work hand-in-hand with you to fulfill these conditions and keep you informed of any information still needed.
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    Final Approval

    Once all conditions are fulfilled including the appraisal, we will issue final commitment, meaning no other items are needed as long as closing takes place within a specific time period.
    Country Living will communicate with you at this point to let you know the next step is likely setting a closing date with the attorney.
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    Attorney Title Work

    An attorney must certify that a title or title insurance must be obtained for a lender to mortgage the property.
    Any attorneys involved with the process will likely insure that the title is clean and the figures are accurate. Our attorneys are second-to-none in timeliness and accuracy ensuring closing takes place efficiently and nothing slips through the cracks.
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    A date is set and all documents are prepared for that date. The borrowers, attorney(s), and lender sit down to go over documents and finish the loan process.
    Country Living will always try to have a local representative present for loan closing. This is the time that the documents get explained by the attorney and Country Living and signed.