Financial Services

meeting finance

So much about living in the country is special – including financial services.  We have experts on staff ready to help you navigate the financial waters ahead.

  • Tax Services.  We understand the nuances of tax issues that face farm owners. Farmers are subject to a variety of very specific tax laws, deductions and special requirements.
  • Record-Keeping.   Having good financial records is key to business success. Your Farm Credit East financial specialist will work with you to identify your accounting and record-keeping needs and then customize a program to the way you do business.
  • Business Consulting.  Everybody wants to keep more of what they make. Our business consultants can help you analyze your business from many angles and pinpoint methods for improving your bottom line. Whether reviewing your existing business or starting a new one, we can help.
  • Appraisals.   There are a variety of good reasons to know the value of your property: financial planning, tax assessments, liability protection, estate planning and more. Our appraisers are specialists in valuing rural and farm property.
  • Risk Management.  Credit life insurance, crop insurance, liability protection – all tools to help you minimize your risk exposure.